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DrTung's compact gumbrush


Super-soft silicone gumbrush designed for gentle gum massage. Ordinary toothbrush bristles are made for teeth and not for massaging delicate gums.

Dr. Tung's compact gumbrush features a specialized, soft head with low-profile, silicone 'fingers' to pamper yet stimulate gums. For best results use with REJUV™ for gums herbal gum treatment. The short bristles of the gumbrush capture and easily apply REJUV™ for gums oil.

• Use to massage gums and apply REJUV™ for gums massage oil.
• Comes with protective case
• Keep out of reach of children

Dentists recommend gentle gum massage to stimulate gums and help keep them healthy.




Compact size: 4 x 0.75 in


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