Back to School – Oral Health Checklist

Moms and Dads from coast to coast are familiar with the ‘back-to-school’ drill.  Start getting the kids to bed earlier, go shopping for new school clothes, begin school registration process—a literal checklist of preparation tasks to look forward to.

Of course all of these are important must-do’s; however, this is also a great time to ensure your kids’ oral health is ready for a new school year.  Here’s a quick checklist to make sure your kids are ready to go!

Oral Health Checklist

There may be a few less teeth than last year 😁 , but is their smile ready to greet the new teacher?

  • Have they had their annual dental checkup?
  • Do their dental tools make the grade?
  • Is it time for a new toothbrush? Try DrTung’s Ionic Toothbrush if they’re ready for a more mature model.
  • How are you keeping their toothbrush hygienic? Try DrTung’s Revolutionary Snap-On Toothbrush Protector.  It helps keep their toothbrush protected and fresh for up to 2 months – active vapors from powerful
  • essential oils permeate toothbrush bristles.
  • Are you working on reducing some of those childhood habits that can be detrimental to oral heath like thumb-sucking, nail-biting, chewing on pencils and nibbling on gummy bears and hard candy?
  • If they’ll be playing sports this year, do they have the correct properly-fitting mouth guard they’ll need?
  • Are you prepared to pack nutritious lunches and provide healthy snacks?

Good Oral Health Care Helps Overall Health

Your kids’ oral health is a major contributor to their overall health. When neglected, poor oral hygiene can lead to poor health, reducing your child’s natural immune defense system.  Your kids’ mouths are virtual petri dishes for schoolyard germs, so take extra precaution with their oral health—you may even notice a few less colds and flu bugs this school year!

It’s certainly worth the extra effort—especially knowing that you’re “schooling” your child on good oral health habits they can take into adulthood to maintain optimal holistic health.  It’s like your parents told you—an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!  So give yourself an A+ by taking care of your child’s oral heath checklist this school year.

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