Healthy oral microbiome

Building a Healthy Oral Microbiome (to Create Better Immunity)

How do we create a healthy oral microbiome? For the mouth-body connection to be healthy there should be balanced, healthy flora in the oral cavity.  As we learned in last week’s blog, our oral microbiome is a major player in this mouth-body connection — it’s the beginning of the body’s entire digestive system and it affects all the major systems in […]

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breastfeeding and oral health

Dental Health Benefits of Breastfeeding Shared with Dentists

Several scientific studies show that children who were breastfed showed oral and overall health benefits. The British Dental Journal states that dentists are now being advised to read about the positive oral health benefits of breastfeeding in the first year, which includes a decreased risk of dental caries (tooth decay).1 Keep in mind, even […]

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Ionic Toothbrush Infographic: Best Toothbrush

Everything carries either a positive or negative charge. Plaque has a negative charge, while our teeth have a positive charge, which is why it’s so hard to remove. Manual and electronic toothbrushes inefficiently rely on friction to remove plaque. DrTung’s Ionic Toothbrush, however, makes the teeth let go of plaque, like turning off a magnet. For […]

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How to Oil Pull – A Visual Demonstration

Many of you may be wondering just how to oil pull to begin with. While the practice of oil pulling has been used for thousands of years per Ayurvedic tradition, it has recently been taken the Western health and wellness community by storm. Here are instructions on how to oil pull, using our DrTung’s Oil […]

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Oral Health vs. Overall Health

At Dr. Tung’s, our philosophy is based on the concept of “total health” – an approach which emphasizes the role of oral hygiene in overall health. Good oral health is an integral part of overall health, and we integrate modern and traditional knowledge to produce highly effective products. This infographic from 1Dental summarizes just a […]

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