oral health complications

Diabetes & Oral Health Complications – Part 3

Diabetes & Oral Health Complications – Prevention and Hope Having shared the basics of diabetes as well as some of the signs and symptoms in our recent blog series, we now offer something to smile about.  That is, healthy lifestyle choices and activities – including good oral health care – may be key contributing factors […]

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Popular Questions and Answers about Smart Floss®

As with any great product, questions always arise—how to use the product, why it’s better than the competitors, how to maximize using the item, etc.  So, if you’re new to Dr. Tung’s Smart Floss®, this is a great article for you.  And even if you’ve been happily using the product for a while, keep reading […]

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On Earth Day: Sustainability Everyday!

One of our favorite holidays is Earth Day. It’s important as a society that we check in together periodically on the value of sustainability and pay homage to this great planet that we dwell upon. The values of Earth Day are those that we practice each and everyday as sustainability is embedded directly into our […]

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