Happy Earth Day To You!

How are you honoring Earth Day?

This Earth Day, DrTung’s invites all of our readers to consider changing two habits that could have a positive impact on Mother Earth, the only planet we have!

(For those already doing these two simple things -probably for many years now- thank you. What you are doing really should be the norm…)

  1.  Make a commitment to switch to reusable grocery bags instead of accepting more of those plastic bags that take hundreds of years to decompose.
  2. Use your own glass or stainless steel beverage container. How many plastic soda and water bottles are sold per minute across the world? 1 MILLION PER MINUTE! In the U.S., Americans bought about 50 billion plastic water bottles last year – 100,000 per minute – with a dismal 23 percent recycling rate.1https://www.ecowatch.com/plastic-bottle-crisis-2450299465.html

In just a single generation (roughly from 1940 to the present), our overwhelming reliance on plastics has created environmental problems such as crowded landfills, groundwater contamination, and ocean debris that future generations will still be cleaning up. When fish and other marine animals ingest plastic debris, they are also ingesting these toxins. If the food we eat is contaminated with toxins, we will be too.2https://conservingnow.com/plastic-bag-environmental-impact/

DrTung’s has been supporting positive environmental practices since day one, and we encourage all of our customers, partners and followers to do the same.  We have to work together to make a difference!

DrTung’s commitment to sustainability and the environment:

  • We strive to deliver high quality benefits with the smallest possible environmental footprint and work closely with both local and global suppliers to create our leading-edge products,
  • We NEVER use child labor.
  • We NEVER test on animals.
  • We are are committed to recyclable, reusable and biodegradable materials.
  • Our EcoPure® containers for our Smart Floss® and Toothbrush Protectors biodegrade substantially quicker in landfill conditions than plastic.
  • We use wildcrafted herbs and sustainably-sourced materials, including Nordic birch.

Let’s enjoy this Earth Day and make a pledge to help keep our planet clean!

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2. https://conservingnow.com/plastic-bag-environmental-impact/

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