Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse & Your Health

bloodmoonhealthYesterday evening we had the privilege of watching the transcendence of the Harvest Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse, only the fifth recording of such an event in human history. The energy from the blood moon lunar eclipse & your health can work synergistically if approached in the right manner.

What makes this celestial event particularly powerful? The Blood Moon, according to, was the “the fourth and final eclipse of a lunar tetrad: four straight total eclipses of the moon, spaced at six lunar months (full moons) apart. Phew!”

So, just how can this climate possibly affect our daily pursuit of optimal holistic health? Many associate full moons, as well as more outstanding lunar occurrences such as eclipses and supermoons, as events that offer strong energy pulls as with the rise and fall of ocean tides. While these lunar happenings are not very uncommon, yesterday’s Blood Moon Eclipse is indeed rare and has not been recorded since 1967.

Throughout history, each occurrence of these Blood Moon tetrads carried powerful spiritual and religious relevance in various cultures, symbolizing new beginnings and transitions.

Using the energy from this occurrence is one that you can focus and flourish from in the coming weeks:

  • Embrace the air of change in the air as Fall begins its onset into the season. Whether you choose to fight or open to these changes surrounding you, ultimately try and settle into the flow of transition as fully as possible.
  • Purge and cleanse your daily spaces. This is an excellent time to rid yourself of clutter, deep clean your house, and light healing incense and/or candles to infuse your home with calming aromatherapy.
  • Take time to heal by incorporating some self-loving grooming rituals in order to calm your mind, body and spirit through the course of change, which can seem overwhelming and stressful. Relax into an Epsom salt bath with your favorite essential oils, nourish your body with good and healthy food, and, of course, keep your mouth squeaky clean with your favorite holistic dental health products.




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