Ionic toothbrush under running water

What is an Ionic Toothbrush?

Ionic toothbrush: the advanced technology that eliminates more plaque. Oral care and the protection it offers influence our lives in countless ways, including some that are rather unexpected. While inaccurate, research shows people associate discolored teeth with poorer estimates of intellectual ability, psychological adjustment and social competence.1 Crazy, right? For millennia, we humans have been brushing […]

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festive eating

Secret Tools for Holiday Noshing

Well, December is here and the Holiday parties will be starting up soon. For most of us, we’re still coming down from the Thanksgiving feasting, but get ready…Holiday treats will be lurking around every corner now through the end of the year. Whether it’s an office party, kids school pageant, church fellowship, family and friends […]

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Voted Best Tongue Scraper by

We’re honored to be included in The Best Dental Buys of 2015 by Dr. Mark Burhenne (Dr. B, for short) of As a practicing dentist for over 30 years, Dr. B is a shining voice in the oral health community and greater wellness community, as well, in his focus on the oral-body connection and advocating […]

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