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World Wildlife Day

We share the planet with millions of beings and innumerable species, and we live each day amongst them as friends and fellow sentient beings. But there is one special day for all of us to show appreciation for creatures great and small. March 3 is World Wildlife Day as declared by the United Nations in […]

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New Year’s Day Beach Plastic Pollution Clean-Up

On New Year’s Day 2017, we dedicated some of our time to beautifying the Hawaiian coast even further by picking up trash. Being based in Hawaii, we see the impact of pollution in our everyday environment and we are aware of the effects of plastics on the ocean – the importance of materials and recycling […]

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On Earth Day: Sustainability Everyday!

One of our favorite holidays is Earth Day. It’s important as a society that we check in together periodically on the value of sustainability and pay homage to this great planet that we dwell upon. The values of Earth Day are those that we practice each and everyday as sustainability is embedded directly into our […]

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