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World Wildlife Day

We share the planet with millions of beings and innumerable species, and we live each day amongst them as friends and fellow sentient beings. But there is one special day for all of us to show appreciation for creatures great and small. March 3 is World Wildlife Day as declared by the United Nations in 2013, to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants. It may be a relatively new celebration… yet plants and animals have been around a lot longer than WE have!

What are you doing this World Wildlife Day?

World Wildlife Day has now become the most important global annual event dedicated to wildlife. This year’s theme is “Life below water: for people and planet,” and is the first World Wildlife Day to focus on life below water.

Marine wildlife has sustained human civilization and development for millennia, from providing food and nourishment, to material for handicraft and construction. It has also enriched our lives culturally, spiritually, and recreationally in different ways.1

But this amazing wealth of natural resources is currently in peril. As a matter of fact, 40% of all oceans are under direct threat of the following:

Overfishing and destructive fishing

Pollution, pesticides and sewage

Plastic debris

Oil Spills

Climate change

Invasive species


Although these looming threats are frightening, there are many people developing solutions and ways to mitigate these dangers. And thanks to the awareness that World Wildlife Day and other ecological events bring, there is hope to reverse some of these negative impacts and revitalize the ecosystem.

 What Can I Do?

There are plenty of ways you can participate in the celebration of World Wildlife Day. In the past, countries and people around the world have observed the day in various ways. Some activities are big and others are small, but all of them have helped promote awareness about wildlife conservation issues.

Click on the following link to learn some great suggestions from the World Wildlife Day website.

DrTung’s has long been a supporter of organizations that support wildlife, on land and in water. So much so that now 3% of profits are donated to various groups – including the Thula Thula Rhino Fund dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and protection of wildlife, the World Wildlife Fund, SurfriderEnvironmental Defense Fund, and Greenpeace.

In addition, the DrTung’s team gets out there and helps clean up the plastic on beaches.

Read more about our New Year’s Day beach cleanup here.

Every little bit we do adds up….start small, and help clean up your local beaches. Together, we can create major waves!



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