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Independent lab tests confirm DrTung’s floss is PFAS-free

We carefully and consciously design our products with your health and the planet at heart — DrTung’s Smart Floss was specifically designed with NO PTFE, and specifications of components confirm that no PFAS or fluorinated chemicals are intentionally present. Read more about why this is important.

Recently an outspoken blogger released an article about the dangers of PFAS (known as “forever chemicals”) in dental floss.  Her blog included a list of popular flosses that either did or did not contain fluorine (a marker for PFAS) based on testing she had done at a chosen laboratory (note: the test itself is not an EPA-certified test for PFAS).  We were surprised when her site claimed that the level of organic fluorine in DrTung’s floss indicated that it contained PFAS — all of our prior testing showed no PFAS.

We, of course, investigated immediately. In order to dispel any possible inaccurate data, we did the following:
A: Used the exact same lab and did the exact same tests. But instead of testing only one floss, we tested multiple floss batches. The results were as we expected — no detectable organofluorine in our floss, meaning no presence of PFAS. 
B: Did a detailed "Screening of fluorinated substances" test (EPA certified) to test for over 40 perfluorinated compounds. The test came up empty. i.e. our floss is free of PFAS.

The results were as we expected. A: No detectable organofluorine in our floss, and B: No detectible PFAS

We believe that the blogger's test on the single floss may have been an anomaly — she termed this type of possibility an isolated or ‘ghost’ occurrence.  Since multiple tests showed no presence of PFAS, we requested she update the website and posts to include these tests showing that DrTung’s floss is free of PFAS and is indeed one of the best floss brands available!  To date, she had not responded.

Thank you for your support as we continue our commitment in offering you the cleanest, healthiest, most effective oral care products



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