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Can a healthy oral microbiome help protect against viruses?

Did you know there are bugs in your mouth that play a key role in protecting oral health? Sounds strange, right? We’re so often taught the opposite: that we must remove all bacteria to prevent infection.

As research marches on, we continue to discover just how incredible the human mouth is! How beautifully it co-exists with a range of “good” bugs. And how certain “bad” bugs can interfere with oral health.

Bad “bugs” can harm oral health

The oral cavity has a huge and diverse array of microorganisms, called the oral microbiome. More than 700 species of bacteria call your mouth home. But not all of these are health-promoting. There exists a grumpy cat amongst the pigeons, so to speak. (More on this in a moment)

Because the mouth is frequently exposed to viral infections, we have a range of protective mechanisms in place here. For example, the cells that line the mouth produce chemicals called interferons that fight off viruses. Think of this like a medieval castle. The gums and the teeth are the fort; the floor, walls, and roof. The interferons are the soldiers, there to hinder viral infection, reproduction, and release. In essence, to stop infection.

But, there is a traitor in the midst. A bacteria called Porphyromonas gingivalis reduces the production and fighting ability of the soldiers. This bug lowers the effectiveness of the frontline defenders, which may lead to viral infection.

This is where balance comes in. Porphyromonas gingivalis lives in the mouth; it’s meant to be there. But when it grows too much, problems mount.

So, how do you stop the bad bugs from taking over?

Protect against infection with great oral healthcare!

At DrTung’s, we work to improve your oral health by reducing bad bacteria through a complete, effective oral care system.

Step one: Clean your tongue with one of our two popular cleaners, Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner or Copper Tongue Cleaner.

Step two: Floss with our clinically proven Smart Floss or vegan Activated Charcoal Floss with Lemongrass.

Step three: Brush with our Ionic Toothbrush, a revolutionary brush that makes your teeth repel plaque! Then cover and protect your brush with Snap-On Toothbrush Protection.

Step four: Oil pull with our Oil Pulling Concentrate. This well-loved ancient Ayurvedic formula contains 24 herbs and botanicals in an organic sesame oil base.

Step five: Eliminate pieces of food from between your teeth on the go with Perio Sticks™. Designed to stimulate gums, detach plaque, and remove food, there are no other dental sticks quite like Perio Sticks™.

The takeaway

Your mouth contains hundreds of species of bacteria; both of the good and bad variety. This is natural and normal. However, when an imbalance occurs, the bad bacteria can flourish. In such a situation, the mouth’s ability to protect against viral infection is reduced. We become vulnerable.

Good oral care habits help maintain a healthy oral microbiome and reduce your chance of periodontal disease and viral infection. DrTung’s oral care system helps to rebuild the castle and reinstate the soldiers!

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