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Organization Spotlight — World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Love, Care and Consciousness are built into our DNA at DrTung’s.  It’s a concept we weave into every part of our business model — from our products, to our consumers, to our team, to our planet and to all sentient beings.  There are many, many organizations working diligently to make this planet a better place.  Some of these organizations have touched our hearts in very deep ways.  To share the amazing work from a few of our favorite groups that we support through donations, we’re spotlighting one incredible organization each month throughout the year. 

The 10th organization in our series is…

World Wildlife Fund 
For Nature, For People, Forever

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Vision—to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature.1

How it started

WWF was established in 1961 by a group of passionate individuals with the idea to protect places and species that were threatened by human development.2 

For over 60 years, WWF has been working to help people and nature thrive.  Working in nearly 100 countries, they are the world’s leading conservation organization.  They collaborate with people all around the world to develop and deliver solutions that protect wildlife and communities and the places they live.  

Working for the Future

The problems facing our planet are becoming increasingly more complicated and critical. The WWF focuses its work on six ambitious goals to challenge the greatest threats and ensure a healthy future for both people and nature.  

Goal:  Create a climate-resilient and zero-carbon world, powered by renewable energy.
Why it matters:  Climate change is already having a significant impact on wild animals around the globe.

Goal:  Produce enough food to nourish everyone in the world while reducing the environmental footprint of food systems.
Why it Matters:  In the next 40 years, increased demand for food will put pressure on agricultural, aquaculture and fishing resources that are already strained. 

Goal:  Conserve the world's most important forests to sustain nature’s diversity, benefit our climate, and support human well-being.
Why it matters:  Deforestation can disrupt the lives of local communities, sometimes with devastating consequences — without the trees, the ecosystem that supports the human population can fall apart.

:  Protect the world’s freshwater resources and landscapes to support biodiversity and human livelihoods.
Why it matters: Globally, agriculture uses the highest percentage of freshwater—as the planet’s population increases and consumption patterns change alongside economic prosperity, global demand for food will increase.

: Achieve healthy oceans and nature-positive seascapes that benefit the planet, people, prosperity and peace.
Why it matters:  When oceans thrive, the planet regains its natural strength and flourishes.  

:  Conserve threatened wildlife and wild places to sustain life on earth.
Why it matters:   It is integral to the balance of nature— by protecting species, we save this beautiful, vulnerable and utterly irreplaceable planet we call home.

The Takeaway

The Living Planet Report 2022 confirms that wildlife populations have plummeted by 69% since 1970. Today, human activities put more pressure on nature than ever before, but it’s also humans who have the power to change this course. Together, we can address the greatest threats to life on this planet and protect the natural resources that sustain and inspire us.3 

You can read more about World Wildlife Fund on their site or follow them on social media.  If their work resonates with you, we encourage you to share their story with your friends and family.  You can also get involved by donating here.  You can even [symbolically] adopt a wild animal.  

As always, do what resonates with you.  One thing we can all do is to take a few moments each day to take care of ourselves and cultivate positive energy.  When you feel positive, you share that feeling with those around you — it’s contagious (in a good way).  Each of us adding positivity to ourselves and spreading it to those around us adds to the collective Love, Care and Consciousness of humankind.  Together we can make a difference to each other, to our environment and to all sentient beings. 

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Penny Westergaard - 10/26/2022 09:37:17

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing WWF's goals and intentions. We send all our positive love, thoughts & appreciation to WWF for all that they do for our planet and wildlife

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