Activated Charcoal Vegan Floss
Activated Charcoal VEGAN Floss
Activated Charcoal VEGAN Floss
Activated Charcoal Vegan Floss
Activated Charcoal VEGAN Floss
Activated Charcoal VEGAN Floss

Activated Charcoal VEGAN Floss

Our Activated Charcoal VEGAN Floss has all the intelligence of Smart Floss®, with the added power of activated charcoal to adsorb even more bacteria and tackle plaque. We’ve added a burst of natural lemongrass flavor, leaving you with a fresh taste that lasts long after use. Just like Smart Floss, it gently expands between teeth to clean more efficiently than typical flosses.

Quantity in each pack

  • Unspool about 18 inches of the Activated Charcoal VEGAN Floss, and cut.
  • Wrap the Vegan Smart Floss® around your fingers, and pull until taut.
  • Slide floss between teeth, curving around each tooth and cleaning with a gentle up-and-down motion.
  • Repeat, using a clean section of floss between each tooth.
30 yds
Paperboard packaging
    Does your floss contain potentially toxic PTFE or PFAS chemicals?

    No, neither DrTung's Smart Floss nor our Activated Charcoal Floss are made from PTFE –the floss material implicated by USA Today as being potentially toxic– nor are they intentionally treated with PFOAS, PFAS, PFOS, APFO and/or fluorine surfactants. Multiple research tests show that the amount of organic fluorine in our floss (said to reflect PFAS) is below the detectible range. PTFE material, although used widely for floss because it slides up and down easily between teeth, is also the worst performing floss as far as plaque removal goes. (See our study comparing Smart Floss to Glide and other flosses).

Activated charcoal (coconut), lemongrass oil, natural licorice aroma, curcuma, xanthorrhiza extract, proprietary vegetable wax blend.

Why Activated Charcoal Floss deserves heavy rotation in your oral care routine:

Activated charcoal icon

Activated charcoal adsorbs additional plaque and bacteria

Vegan icon

All vegan ingredients and never any animal testing

Glides easily

Glides easily with a proprietary blend of plant-based wax

Eco-friendly packaging

Eco-friendly FSC-certified packaging

Free of PFAS

Free of PFAS, PTFE and BPA

More ways to brighten your smile:

Out of the (very clean) mouths of our customers:

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