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Oil Pulling 101—The Basics

What’s 5,000 years old and actually GOOD for your teeth?  The ancient Ayurvedic art of Oil Pulling, of course! If you’re scratching your head because you’re not actually sure what oil pulling is, don’t sweat it.  Just sit back and click on the video below: [KGVID][/KGVID]

DrTung's Oil Pulling Concentrate

Congratulations!  You are now an oil pulling expert…ok not exactly, but you know how it works and how it benefits your oral health.  Check out DrTung’s very own Oil Pulling Concentrate to learn more, or perhaps even order a bottle for yourself! What makes DrTung's Oil Pulling Concentrate so special?  The time-tested Ayurvedic recipe with 24 powerful plants and botanicals produces a high efficacy formula that reduces oil pulling time - 5 minutes compared with 20 minutes using plain oil. Unlike some other oil pulling products, DrTung's Oil Pulling Concentrate does not contain mint and is not a few essential oils to provide flavor, but is an ancient blend of selected plants and botanicals chosen for their treatment qualities and carefully prepared in organic sesame oil. And it's so versatile that you can use DrTung’s Oil Pulling Concentrate neat or with a little water, or add it to coconut, sesame or sunflower oil.

'Chew and Swish'!

Remember to clean your tongue and brush your teeth first.  Then 'chew' and swish  (for best results - this stimulates saliva), spit into the toilet and rinse with lukewarm, salt water.  Your mouth never felt so clean! Visit our facebook page and let us know about your oil pulling experience.  Share your ‘swishing selfie’ with us and you just might win a prize!            

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Vicki Toews - 01/14/2020 08:52:15

Please check our website store locator where you can enter your zip code and find the store(s) nearest you. We do recommend calling the store to be sure they carry the Oil Pulling Concentrate as not all stores carry our complete line of products. You may also order it directly from our website:

Vicki Toews - 01/14/2020 08:48:08

We offer a product called REJUV™ for gums that you can apply directly to the affected areas of your gums. It is a powerful nourishing formula that is useful for swollen, bleeding and receding gums — it conditions the gums and leaves the mouth fresh and revitalized. You can find REJUV™ on our website at

Davis Chepkwony - 01/11/2020 04:59:17

Am suffering from fungitivity and receding gum what other medine would you recommend me to safe my teeth?kindly

Davis Chepkwony - 01/11/2020 04:55:34

Where will I get oil pulling concentrates?

Vicki Toews - 11/8/2018 13:44:47

We recommend using a salt water rinse AFTER oil pulling. Just use a small amount of salt to make a weak saline solution. Or put a little fine Himalayan salt in your mouth, take a small mouthful of water, and rinse for 10-15 seconds.

Emily Alamano - 11/6/2018 11:38:41

What dilution of salt water should people swish with? If mixing salt water in 8oz bottle, how much pink himalayan salt should be added?

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