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Announcing the New & Improved Snap-On Toothbrush Sanitizer!

toothbrush sanitizerWe're excited to announce the launch of our new and improved Dr. Tung's Snap-On Toothbrush Sanitizer!
You will love the great new design, which has many advantages over our previous version. It includes the same safe, anti-bacterial vapor action from natural essential oils. But, now it comes with two easy snap-in refills!
Compared to the previous 2-pack, the new Sanitizer packs:
  • Lasts 50% longer than the first Sanitizer design for a total of 6 months
  • Saves 46% more plastic, thus raising the bar for the product's environmental sustainability
The new Sanitizer pack features a new refill design feature. Rather than tossing the entire sanitizer to the trash once you're done with it, simply replace the refill. In this manner, the product uses 46% less plastic.
Additionally, the new refill design feature allows for a total of 6 months of sanitizing protection. Each refill has an operating life of 2 months. With a total of two refills in the pack (one installed and two extras), you'll be set for 50% longer protection time than the previous 2-pack Sanitizer design.
The new Sanitizer design is still constituted of EcoPure®, an organic additive that accelerates the biodegradation process of the product and plastic packaging in a biologically active landfill. Thus, the use of EcoPure® enhances the environmental sustainability of the Sanitizers in their end-of-life. Your toothbrush can be home to a plethora of harmful bacteria, and it's important to keep it clean and protected. Our Sanitizer contains a proprietary blend of natural oils (include one or more of lemon oil, clove oil, tea tree oil, and thyme oil). The dry vapors released from these oils sanitize the toothbrush head between brushings.
Without need for electricity or batteries, the Snap-On Sanitizer allows you to keep your toothbrush safe and snug in your purse, pocket, bag, or elsewhere when you're on-the-go for frequent brushings.
To use, simply rinse your toothbrush and shake off excess water after brushing and snap the sanitizer device into place. The germ defense system goes to work immediately.
The new Sanitizer design is also available for sale as a 6-pack.
Stay tuned for more exciting news about the product launch!
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