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Keeping Kids' Mouths Clean on Halloween at Morgan's Wonderland

Last week we sent a donation of Dr. Tung's Kids Toothbrush Sanitizers to Morgan's Wonderland in San Antonio, TX for their Halloween Giveaway. Morgan's Wonderland is a 25-acre accessible amusement park for children and adults with special cognitive and physical needs. Our Dr. Tung's Distribution and Shipping Manager, Michael, used to work with Frank Martin of Morgan's Wonderland in San Antonio before he came onto our team.  For their annual Halloween Party for the children, Morgan's Wonderland passed out dental bags that each contained a Dr. Tung's Kids Toothbrush Sanitizer 2-Pack, handing it to them as families left the park. The Halloween Party was a huge success, with over 2,400 guests in four hours attending. According to the Morgan's Wonderland crew, that made it their second highest attended event of the year! "Please accept our sincere appreciation for your tremendous generosity in providing the sanitizers for each child. As shown in the photos I found a dentist willing to donate toothbrushes and toothpaste, and we placed the colorful sanitizers in a plastic bag with the other items," Frank told us. "Many parents commented that it was such a great idea to pass out the dental items to their children after they had received so much candy.  We gave away every single bag and actually ran out just before closing." We're so thrilled to see that the dental bags were an added treat to an otherwise sugar-filled holiday. The toothbrush sanitizer gives your toothbrush the bacteria-free protection it needs to carry it around in your purse or pocket to encourage your kids – and yourself! – to give your mouth a quick brush after candy and give it immediate protection. Check out a few photos that captured the last week's special Halloween event below. We are honored to have worked with such an admirable organization for such a great event! [gallery columns="4" ids="46,48,47,49"]

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