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Oil Pulling and REJUV: Lavaan Smile Review

We're thrilled to share this review from Allison Olear of Lavaan Smileoil pulling and rejuv on her take of oil pulling and REJUV: Over the years a lot of health trends have made their way into my operatory. I’ve seen patients who swear by monthly juice cleanses, intermittent fasting, or ear candling. However, one fad in particular is always coming up. Patients say to me, “How does everything look in there? I’ve been oil pulling!” Each one asking for my opinion on this home remedy but the truth was, I could never tell them what I thought. I had no clue what they were even talking about. So finally I decided to do a little research and give oil pulling a whirl… er swish… for myself. I decided to tackle this new task by combining oil pulling and REJUV, an Ayurvedic oil pulling concentrate from Dr. Tung's. Turns out that the new trend isn’t so new after all. Oil pulling or Ayurveda, as it’s traditionally called, dates back over 3,000 years. It was adopted and popularized by a man named Tummala Koteswara Rao in the early 1990s. It is believed that action of swishing oil in the mouth pulls out harmful toxins, hence its name. The acclaimed benefits of oil pulling include improving systemic health, riding of headaches, diabetes, acne, bad breath and gingivitis. Oil is also suggested to sooth oral tissues and to relieve dry mouth. It is also said to whiten teeth. My first attempt was with coconut oil. Sesame and sunflower are also recommended, but coconut is most popular in Western culture. Coconut oil starts out as a solid and liquefies ever so slowly as you move it around your mouth. It is recommended that you pull for 20 minutes everyday. I knew of one patient who swished on his walk to work! That’s the New York hustle for you. I quit about 4 minutes into it. My cheeks were sore, and I couldn’t stand the texture another second! For my second try I switched to sunflower oil and made a solution with Dr. Tung’s REJUV (1oz REJUV to 3oz. oil stored in a container that lasted 1 week). The REJUV was a game changer and helped me enjoy my oil pulling experiment a lot more. It added a more palatable flavor and easier texture. I would recommend pulling this way, especially for any first timers. My mornings are busy, and I’m often chatting with my puppy. I found it easiest to swish while showering and getting dressed. If you are going to oil pull keep in mind that you should discard your oil in the garbage rather then the toilet or sink. Oil, coconut specifically, solidifies and can clog the pipes. If oil pulling makes you smile more, go for it!     Allison Olear, RDH

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