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Diabetes & Oral Health Complications - Part 3

Diabetes & Oral Health Complications – Prevention and Hope

Having shared the basics of diabetes as well as some of the signs and symptoms in our recent blog series, we now offer something to smile about.  That is, healthy lifestyle choices and activities - including good oral health care - may be key contributing factors in helping prevent the onset of this condition.  Being cognizant of the mouth-body connection and making tweaks and improvements in your daily routine, may make a huge difference in helping protect against diabetes and ailments linked to oral health.

Brushing Your Teeth

Most dentists recommend brushing a minimum of twice a day and more is not necessarily better here. As a matter of fact, excessive brushing can even be harmful. Also, brushing too rigorously or incorrectly can cause irritation to the gums and erode tooth enamel. The trick is to brush gently and consistently for two to three minutes. In addition, what you put on your toothbrush matters. Most toothpastes are abrasive and are used to scrub away plaque. But you may also want to consider other properties that a good toothpaste should have - not drying out the mouth, not causing excessive wear, and on the positive side, helping neutralize the acidity in your mouth. ionic toothbrush And what about the toothbrush itself? An independent report showed that electric toothbrushes, including leading brands, may only remove up to 21% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush! That’s because most toothbrushes attempt to scrub away plaque using friction. But here’s the thing:  as dentists learn in dental school, plaque attaches to teeth with an ionic bond. Friction doesn’t easily break this ionic bond. This is why DrTung’s introduced the Ionic toothbrush, a toothbrush that effortlessly removes plaque from teeth without excessive scrubbing or friction. By temporarily changing the polarity of teeth surfaces, it breaks the ionic bond. This toothbrush has been clinically shown to remove up to 48% more plaque than a manual brush! (And it works without toothpaste).


We recently posted an informative blog on the benefits of flossing.  Flossing is an outstanding way to disrupt plaque, so incorporating this habit into your oral health routine can be a major contributor to better oral health, and lessen oral health complications that could be linked to diabetes.  DrTung’s Smart Floss® removes up to 55% more plaque than leading floss types. PLUS, it’s coated with only natural ingredients and the container is made with eco-friendly Eco-Pure®.

Oil Pulling and More

Ancient Ayurvedic texts recommend OIL PULLING as part of your daily routine, to strengthen teeth and gums, help with mouth dryness and other oral conditions. DrTung's Oil Pulling Concentrate is a time-tested remedy of 24 plants and herbs in a penetrating, nourishing base of organic sesame oil. Remember, most of all oral health complications begin with plaque, so make sure your toothbrush and other oral health tools have the power to defend against it.   Click here to learn more and check out DrTung’s full array of natural oral health care products. This wraps up our blog series on diabetes and oral health complications. We hope it inspires you to maximize your oral health care and live your life to its that’s something to smile about!

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