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As with any great product, questions always arise—how to use the product, why it’s better than the competitors, how to maximize using the item, etc.  So, if you’re new to Dr. Tung’s Smart Floss®, this is a great article for you.  And even if you’ve been happily using the product for a while, keep reading as you may pick up a few helpful nuggets.

#1)   How Do You Use Smart Floss?

Using Dr. Tung’s Smart Floss® is really the same way you would use any dental floss.  First of all, just wrap a piece about 18” long around your fingers and draw tight.  The big difference with Smart Floss® is that when you tug and release, the floss actually expands!  Then, slide floss between teeth, curve it around the tooth and clean between the tooth and gum with gentle up and down motion.  Repeat using a clean section between each tooth.

#2)  Does Smart Floss remove more plaque than other flosses?

Good question.  And you’ll be happy to know the answer is a resounding “YES”!  Clinical research shows that Smart Floss® removes up to 55% more plaque than leading floss types.

#3)  What are the Ingredients in Smart Floss?

Smart Floss is flavored with natural cardamom oil and lightly coated with a vegetable/bees wax blend. It contains beeswax plus one or more of candelila, carnauba, castor oil wax or rice bran wax.  It does not contain genetically modified ingredients, known allergens, phthalates, soy or silica, and is dairy-free, gluten-free and fluoride-free.  Our proprietary blend of ingredients provides superior plaque-removing power, along with being gentler on gums and fingers, which customers love!

#4)  Is Smart Floss Eco-Friendly?

Smart Floss is one of the most eco-friendly, effective dental flosses available. First of all, like many flosses, it is made of polyester fibers. Unlike other flosses, Smart Floss® is made in a proprietary, patented process which gives that softer, expanded effect while flossing. Why don't we use a natural material, such as silk (or cotton)? Mainly due to the heavy processing and the treatment of the silkworms. Plus it cannot be constructed in the same way as Smart Floss and thus would be less effective in disrupting plaque. Cotton is no longer used as dental floss, as it tends to fray or break easily and is harsher on gums and not as effective. Furthermore, to ensure comfortable flossing and to keep the fibers performing effectively, we use a small amount of a vegetable and bees wax blend. To this we add our acclaimed cardamom oil. We do not use petrochemical waxes or artificial flavors. Lastly, we are proud to provide the first dental floss with a container made with EcoPure® biodegradable additive. This ensures faster breakdown if it ends up in a landfill or any active microbial environment. In addition, you can easily recycle the container (it is made of recyclable PP).

#5)  Does Smart Floss Contain Any Mint?

No, Smart Floss is flavored with cardamom essential oil and does not contain any mint. So it can safely be used with homeopathic remedies. We hope you gained some insight from this post. In conclusion, if you have additional questions about Smart Floss or other Dr. Tung’s products, please visit our FAQs, send us a quick message here or call us  on 1 800 960 7144 x4.  Follow us on our social channels, and check out what our smile ambassadors have to say about Dr. Tung’s products!

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Improve Your Total Body Health - Blog - Incredible Smiles - 01/3/2021 15:08:17

[…] floss!  Glide is the worst, and in my thirty years of experience as a dentist, I have found that Dr. Tung’s Woven Floss is among the best.  When flossing between the teeth always think of flossing two teeth.  Wrap the […]

Vicki - 11/16/2020 14:04:09

Smart Floss does not have an expiration date. Once removed from the sealed package, the floss may lose some of its cardamom aroma after an extended period of time, however, the floss itself does not lose its efficacy.

Jim Leonard - 11/11/2020 19:59:05

Does smart floss have an expiration date?

Vicki - 09/28/2020 09:57:49

Dear Fabien. Thank you for your comments. We have been investigating floss materials for many years. Unfortunately the only suitable floss material we are aware of that is biodegradable – and natural – is silk floss. We have chosen not to produce this due to the silk manufacture process (see The so-called ‘bamboo floss’ sold on the market is actually polyester infused with bamboo fibers, because bamboo alone is not strong enough. Most resellers are not aware of this but any testing lab can show this. In addition, we have tested many different natural fibers for our Smart Floss – including hemp, flax and others – but nothing has the abrasion resistance, elasticity and other qualities required. Natural fibers (other than silk) are short and either break easily or are too rough or otherwise not suitable for floss. As mentioned, silk is an animal by-product so we will not use it due to the treatment of the silk worms. While we strive to be good stewards of the environment in minimizing our environmental footprint, we have to balance the eco-friendliness of our products with the quality. The material of Smart Floss® is polyester fibers, which is similar to the polyester fibers used for apparel, outdoor gear, etc.

Vicki Toews - 08/5/2020 13:07:41

Hi RJ, thanks for your question. Smart Floss is made with an expanding multi-filament fiber that is soft on fingers and gentle on gums making it great for kids and adults. We do not have a special holder for it.

RJ - 08/3/2020 09:49:05

Do you have one that kids can easily use on a holder?

Fabien - 07/29/2020 17:36:53

Hello, I've been using Dr Tung's for a number of years. Sometimes, the floss frays into very thin strands, those strands sometimes get stuck between my teeth—it feels like a hair in your mouth—and I need to pick them out somehow. Though this is a source of mild frustration when it happens, I'm only telling you this to provide context for the real reason why I'm contacting you today. Recently I started thinking about what happens to those tiny strands of floss when I throw them away. So I came here to verify what the floss is made of. I'm concerned that I'm unwittingly contributing to microplastics pollution, as synthetic polyesters are a significant contributor to that type of pollution. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this. Thank you!

Vicki Toews - 06/23/2020 08:21:28

Smart Floss® is flavored with natural cardamom essential oil and lightly coated with a vegetable/bees wax blend. It contains beeswax plus one or more of candelila, carnauba, castor oil and rice bran wax. It does not contain genetically modified ingredients, known allergens, phthalates, soy or silica, and is dairy-free, gluten-free and fluoride-free. []

Cudam Grg - 06/22/2020 07:39:51

what are the active ingridients present in smart floss?

CD - 03/27/2020 09:55:00

Hello Jamie Many flosses are made of PTFE aka Teflon. PTFE and related PFAS chemicals are found in brands such as Glide, and store brands that say something like 'similar to Glide'. etc. Our floss is free of PTFE and PFAS.

Jamie - 02/22/2020 09:28:06

I recently learned that what makes the floss slide between your teeth is a chemical which is cancerous in some floss brands. Is what makes Smart Floss slide safe?

Vicki Toews - 02/5/2020 12:03:43

Our Smart Floss is made for us in Italy, to our exact specifications. None of the ingredients are sourced from China.

Marsha Sinclair - 02/4/2020 11:21:49

Are there any ingredients in your floss sourced from China?

Vicki Toews - 02/3/2020 11:32:58

Smart Floss® itself is not compostable. The only floss material we know of that is biodegradable/compostable - and natural - is silk floss, and we have chosen not to produce this due to the silk manufacture process (see The material of Smart Floss® is polyester fibers, which is similar to the polyester fibers used for fabric. It is a man-made material and we are not certain of the exact biodegradability of the fibers.

Chelsea - 01/31/2020 21:06:27

Is the floss itself compostable, or does it need to go in the trash?

Vicki Toews - 10/25/2019 08:58:50

There is no glycol, glycine or glycerine in our Smart Floss®.

Shell G - 10/23/2019 01:24:05

Is there glycol, gylcine or glycerine of any kind in the wax? You mention vegetable wax and I cannot have gylcerine.

CD - 08/20/2019 12:05:38

It is made for us in Italy.

Carla - 08/20/2019 11:54:59

Is Smart Floss made in the USA?

CD - 05/21/2019 08:03:12

Yes, Smart Floss is gluten free.

Cindy - 04/22/2019 19:19:43

Hi! Is this gluten free? I have celiac disease and want to make sure it’s aafe!

CD - 04/1/2019 16:53:40

Hello Grace. We are pleased to advise that all our floss is free of PFTE or PFAS. For more information please see Kind regards, Colin

Grace Graham - 04/1/2019 06:04:22

Does this product contain PFAS

Daniel Soshnik - 03/3/2019 05:47:31

My favorite floss. Works the best and well worth the cost!!!

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