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Tongue Scraping and Cleansing: Ayurvedic Tradition

Often times, in Western Society, we associate the word cleanse with strictly nutritional aspects for a given period of time. In Chinese Medicine, however, cleansing is an important tradition to incorporate into your lifestyle at various points of the year as the seasons and energies shift. Nutrition is important alongside healthy, holistic habits to help nourish your both both internally and externally. For example, tongue scraping and cleansing are closely linked as we harbor so much in this part of our body that directly effects other organ functions. Thirlby: A Holistic Guide for Living, Shaken and Stirred, says they "focus on nourishing the Liver during the increased Ayurvedic Medicine's Vata season of Autumn/early-Winter to cleanse the system + make space for more grounding, earthly, + warm energies." They have shared suggestions on how to do so both in the kitchen with herbs, teas, roots, and tonics, as well as outside the kitchen. Outside the kitchen includes daily holistic habits that are suggested to establish as part of one's routine. On the suggested list includes dry brushing, self-massage with oils, magnesium (via sprays, teas, and/or soaks), twists & hip openers, journalling, and - last, but not least! - tongue scraping. On the subject of tongue scraping and cleansing, Thirlby says:
T O N G U E   S C R A P I N G   | this is one of the easiest practices to include in your daily routine to remove toxins from the body. Using a metal tongue scraper and stroking the tongue clean [seven to 14 times], especially in the morning, clears out undigested ama from the body.
The importance of tongue scraping and cleansing is a daily practice that is a simple and efficient way to massage the digestive organs and keep things running smoothly. According to the Chopra Center:
This ancient practice helps to stimulate the internal organs through energetic connections with the rest of the body, improve digestion by increasing your sense of taste, and cleanse the body by removing Ama and bacteria from your oral cavity. In addition, it increases clarity of the mind by reducing heaviness and Ama from the head. When your physical and emotional bodies are balanced, it allows you to expand your spiritual awakening as well.
Do you incorporate any of these cleansing practices into your daily routine?

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