Shipping and Returns

Can I give special delivery instructions?

You must provide an accurate address to which USPS delivers.

However, if special instructions for delivery are required ( e.g. leave on back porch), you must add this into your address at Checkout (e.g. Line 2 = leave on back porch). Only the information listed as your shipping address at Checkout will be displayed on your shipping label. Please also note that it is up to the USPS carrier whether or not the special instructions are followed. We are not responsible for Special Instructions that are not followed by USPS.

Return policy:

DrTung's offers a 30 day return policy if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Customers are responsible for shipping charges. If you purchase more than 1 unit of a particular item/SKU, then we will only accept returns of one open unit of that item. (You may return any unopened, saleable units of that item.) There is a 60 day exchange guarantee from the date of purchase for any DEFECTIVE product. Returns require a return authorization number (RMA).

DrTung’s Products warrants the IONIC toothbrush for one year from the purchase date against all defects in manufacturing, workmanship and power source failure. If within one year of date of purchase, this product fails to function because of defects in materials or workmanship, it can be returned for replacement.


  • All returns require a return authorization number (RMA) or will not be accepted.
  • Returns must include a copy of the original invoice from, plus an RMA number, which can be obtained by simply emailing us at
  • Items purchased at a retail store, third-party website or International location should be returned to that store/website under that company's standard returns policy.
  • Replacement items will ONLY BE SHIPPED TO US OR CANADIAN ADDRESSES. We DO NOT ship to any other countries.


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