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A million thank yous for changing your packaging to recyclable cardboard! We actually considered switching brands because of the plastic. You have earned two lifelong customers by changing your packaging to earth friendly! Thank you!

— Reviewer Annonymous

 I was shocked, surprised, and delighted when I opened my new case of dental floss and discovered that you have discontinued plastic. I wish your eco-friendly smarts were contagious! Thank you.

— Reviewer Annonymous

Genius! I really appreciate your new Smart Floss eco-friendly packaging. Of course, I love your terrific product, too, which I have been using for several years. It is far superior to the other floss I was using and I have recommended it to several friends...

— Reviewer Susan

I bought these (Herbal Toothpowder Tabs) for my dad because another review said it helped with saliva production. My dad received radiation treatment for his cancer and wasn’t producing saliva as a result of the treatments. He had a lot of discomfort from his dry mouth and couldn’t taste any food. The mouthwash the doctors prescribed wasn’t helping at all. My dad started using the tablets and he said he felt a difference in his saliva production right away. A month after using the tablets his discomfort is all but gone, and last week he started tasting his food again. Thank you DrTungs for helping my dad feel better!

— Reviewer Claudia

Rejuv for Gums is amazing! Not only does it work brilliantly for receding and sore gums, but it takes care of other painful oral problems like minor burns, cold sores, burns from hot foods.... I love the new packaging too. It's so much easier to dispense! Thanks Dr. Tung's. You guys ROCK!

— Reviewer Phyllis

I recently discovered the tongue cleaner by Dr. Tung’s, and it's been life-changing. I’ve always suffered from various digestive issues and used to wake up every morning with nausea and dry heaves. Now, after using the tongue cleaner before bed and again in the morning, I feel normal — amazing!

— Reviewer Craig

I've been using the new Herbal Toothpowder Tabs for about 10 days now and I haven't even thought about having to use my moisturizing sprays, rinses and chewing gums. Saying goodbye to dry mouth has been an absolute game changer for me!”

— Reviewer R.K.
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