Do you recommend plastic or stainless steel tongue cleaners? Or even brushes?

Stainless steel doesn’t wear out and is impervious to bacteria (unlike plastic).

There are 3 basic kinds of tongue cleaners available – our U-shaped stainless steel cleaner (can be used with 1 or 2 hands); one-handed cleaners which are usually T-shaped or have rounded heads; or brushes.

We believe the U-shaped design is best as it can easily clean the back of the tongue, where most bacteria reside. Using 2 hands give precise control over the pressure and position of the cleaner. This seemingly simple design has evolved over centuries and gives precise control over the position and pressure of the cleaner on the tongue, making it easy to use and overcoming the gagging problem caused by too much pressure on the tongue (as when trying to clean it with a brush or other one-handed cleaners).

Brushes are good for applying something like paste or a viscous substance to harder surfaces, like teeth. They are generally not effective in removing such viscous substance, especially from a soft object like the tongue.

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