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5 Things We’re Doing to Meet Our SDGs

April is Earth Month! We take our environmental footprint very seriously at DrTung’s, and April is a time when we reflect on our progress. We’re constantly trying to use our business as a force to help heal the environment and improve the lives of all living beings.

From our plastic-free packaging, to our all-natural formulas, to our partnerships with hard-working non-profits, we’re serious about minimizing our impact on the planet.

And it’s not just us.  In 2015 the United Nations (UN) released its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  We chose 8 of the UN’s 17 SDGs that resonate with our philosophy and beliefs.  

In this article, we’ll go over some ways in which we’re working on our SDGs and where we are on our journey. 

But first, let’s talk about what exactly SDGs are.


The United Nations (UN) created Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 to protect the planet and help people around the globe rise out of poverty. The UN proposes that the world achieves these goals by 2030.

These 17 goals aim to achieve social, environmental, and economic sustainability. They encompass everything from agricultural and labor practices, to gender equality and animal welfare, and are intended for governments, corporations, organizations, and individuals to implement. 

Experts, scientists, and activists all agree that solving the climate crisis will require an intersectional approach. In other words, decarbonizing and switching to electric vehicles is simply not enough to address the climate crisis. 

Decarbonizing efforts must be paired with action to end global poverty, create good jobs, and promote gender equality.

You can read up on the UN’s 17 SDGs here


At DrTung’s we chose 8 of the UN's SDGs that resonate with our philosophy and mission. 

  Good health and wellbeing

Every year in underdeveloped countries, large populations of people die of preventable  causes. Children die due to preventable illness, and large populations of women die in childbirth.  The UN promotes healthy lives for all, at all ages, with preventative healthcare and healthy lifestyles. 

 Gender equality

Women and girls all over the world still face gender discrimination.  We must remove barriers to education, political power, and equal pay. We must also keep women and girls safe from abuse and violence.

Infinite icon Responsible production and consumption

The world is seeing a problem with overconsumption of goods. We must produce less, and produce it responsibly, so we can protect and manage the Earth’s dwindling natural resources.

Earth free icon Climate action

Climate change is undeniable, and it will cause mass extinction if we don’t act now. The effects of climate change are already visible.  The UN is calling for a massive upheaval of current infrastructure to upgrade to new green technology. 

fish icon Life below water

Humans rely on healthy oceans to live. Yet, humans have done immeasurable damage to oceans and marine life, with overfishing and pollution. It’s crucial that we restore our oceans and revitalize life below water.

 Life on land

Just like healthy oceans, biodiversity is essential to human life. We are part of an ecosystem where every living being plays a role.  Deforestation and desertification have ruined natural habitats for creatures of all kinds. This has negative implications for human civilization.

Peace free icon  Peace, justice, and strong institutions

Governments and institutions all over the globe must adopt compassion. Societies must shift towards peace and inclusivity, and provide access to justice for all. We must put an end to injustice, persecution, and discrimination.

Geometric Flowers icon Partnerships for the goals

This is the call to action for all countries, both developed and developing, to work together to ensure that no one is left behind.  Partnerships between private sectors, governments and civil societies must be utilized to achieve sustainable development. 

To learn more about how we’re meeting our SDGs, you can read our previous blog on the topic.

Now that we know what these SDGs stand for, let’s take a look at how we’re putting them into action at DrTung’s!


Plastic-free Packaging

Diverting plastic from landfills is important because plastic wreaks havoc on the environment. It ends up in oceans and landfills, where it injures and sickens wildlife. It takes at least 500 years to break down.

Almost all of our product packaging is now plastic-free! We set a goal to reduce plastic packaging by 90% by the end of 2023, and we’re on-track to meet our target. Here’s a look at how we’re achieving this:

Paperboard packaging

Paperboard packaging is highly recyclable and eventually biodegrades. Our Smart FlossActivated Charcoal Floss and Perio Sticks all come in FSC-certified paperboard packaging.

By the end of 2023, we plan to switch our Tongue Cleaners to paperboard packaging, too!

Glass bottles

Glass is highly recyclable and reusable, making it a great alternative to plastic.

Our Oil Pulling Concentrate and REJUV are packaged in glass bottles. 

Our newly launched Herbal Toothpowder Tabs come in glass bottles with bamboo lids and recycled aluminum inserts. 

Certified Cruelty-free

DrTung’s is Certified Cruelty-free. That means we never have, and never will, test our products on animals. We are a certified PETA Business Friend.

Many businesses claim to be cruelty-free but don’t have official certifications from third-party organizations like PETA and Leaping Bunny. To check if a company is certified Cruelty-free, search it on the PETA database.

Partnerships with environmental organizations

DrTung’s donates at least 2% of profits to organizations doing good work to protect the environment and improve the lives of sentient beings.  

We have donated to various different organizations, like Ocean CleanupThe Jane Goodall FoundationWWF, and more.

All-natural ingredients

Part of our mission to help heal the planet is offering products made with gentle, all-natural ingredients that are kind to your body and the planet.

Harmful chemicals found in common personal care products go down the drain and back into our waterways. Once there, they poison our water supply and harm wildlife, algae, and aquatic life.

You won’t find common chemicals like parabens, SLS, triclosan, phthalates, or synthetic fragrance in our products. These chemicals interfere with your endocrine system and your microbiome.

Instead of using chemicals, we use naturally-occurring alternatives with healing and cleansing properties. We use natural beeswax or plant-based waxes in our floss, traditional Ayurvedic herbs in our toothpowder tabs and oil pulling concentrates, and natural flavoring like cardamom and lemongrass.

EcoPure® in our plastics

We add EcoPure® to our plastics to help them break down. This substance is a natural compound that helps microorganisms digest plastic polymers. 

That way, if our products do end up in the landfill instead of recycling facilities, they’ll break down much faster than conventional plastic. 

Plastic normally takes over 500 years to break down, but with the addition of EcoPure®, the break-down process is much faster.  While plastic is currently still the best option for some of our products, like the Snap-on Toothbrush Protection, we continue to research and work with our suppliers to find an effective, durable material for our Brush Protectors.


At DrTung’s, we’re passionate about protecting the environment, and it’s at the very core of what we do.

Businesses have tremendous power to make an impact on people and the planet. More businesses need to follow suit and work towards the UN’s SDGs. By openly sharing our goals, we hope to inspire other businesses to pick up the cry as well.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to tackling climate change and global injustice, and we all have our part to do. We feel that it’s our duty to try our hardest to meet these goals in whatever capacity we can.  

We know that you value transparency. That’s why we’re upfront about our goals, our journey to reduce plastic waste, and our plans for improvement. The current norm when it comes to personal care brands isn’t serving the world any more, and it’s time for an industry-wide shift.

Let’s work together to meet the UN’s 17 SDGs by 2030 as planned!



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