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A User Responds - Mercury Fillings

Although mercury is identified as a toxic substance, dentists have prescribed mercury amalgam fillings to patients over the years. While many believe that having them in your mouth is dangerous, the process of removing them can also go very wrong if proper safety protocols are not followed.  (The American Dental Association -ADA- does not acknowledge nor publish safe protocols for amalgam removal.) Here is a story of what can happen when your dentist doesn't understand the toxicity of amalgams... The mercury poisoning started at a time when I was feeling strong and healthy. I was having my silver fillings removed, and I had two more large ones to go. I chose the wrong dentist to do the last removal. When I sat in the dentist chair I realized that a new dental assistant was there that day. When the work began, I also noticed that she was not vacuuming my mouth to pull out the silver/mercury. While the dentist was drilling, he told me what large fillings these were. So it took a long time to get all the silver/mercury out. But where was it going? Into my mouth and down my throat. When he was finally finished drilling I tried to hack up what I could from my throat. I thought I had done a good job, but that was not the case. The next morning I had severe stomach cramps, diarrhea and vomiting. I was dry heaving, but the only thing coming up was black silver/mercury. I went to a naturopath who recommended green pills and charcoal. I thought the worst was over, but I was so wrong. As the months passed, I began to see my acupuncturist more frequently because my kidneys and liver were showing signs of being under attack. I didn’t really piece it together that the mercury was doing its damage. It was getting worse and worse, but thankfully the acupuncture helped these organs a great deal.Mad Hatter pours tea design The brain was the next area of attack. I started noticing that I was having a hard time making decisions, and I was getting depressed. I have always been an upbeat and positive person, but that was changing rapidly. I felt like crying in the mornings, but I didn’t know why. My body clock started making crazy changes. I used to go to bed at 9PM and wake up at 5AM. Now as the months passed, I retired at midnight and woke up at 11AM. It was crazy. Well, yes it was crazy. I was going crazy. You may have heard of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. This was based on real-world people. In the old days, the folks who made hats were exposed to mercury - mercury nitrate was used to turn animal fur into felt. So the hatters breathed in mercury vapors. After a few years of hat making, they either had ‘hatter’s shakes’ or went stark-raving mad. Thus - the mad hatter. I was becoming neurotic. My mind was going hyper. It wouldn’t stop chattering, and I was neurotically depressed. Plus I was in some sort of mental fog where nothing seemed clear, and my memory was fading. This all came to a head about 10 months from the poisoning. I remember one day at work when a client was talking to me about his big project that we were going to embark on, and all I could see was myself in a big bubble and his words were bouncing off the bubble. I was lost. I drove home, and on the way I decided, for some odd reason, that a carrot juice would help me think better. I was desperate. I pulled into a juice place and ordered. I couldn’t digest anything anymore – even carrot juice, but for some reason, I was guided to do this. While I was waiting for the juice I picked up a book on the shelf and sat down at a table to read. The book was a compendium of all the diseases known to man. I opened it up. The words leapt up at me: Mercury Poisoning. I began to read the symptoms, and I had been experiencing every single one of them. I had been poisoned back in February, and now it was December. I felt insane. The mercury was killing me. brain fog3I drove home and called my wife who was in California visiting our daughters. I was insane and crying and on the verge of completely losing my sanity. I was having a breakdown. I begged her to help me. She realized the dire situation I was in and researched the web for answers. Clay baths appeared and she ordered a five pound bag of it to bring home. I prepared the bath according to the directions and slipped into the hot water and clay. The clay actually pulls the heavy metals out through the skin. The skin is sometimes referred to as the third kidney. After soaking for 15 minutes I dried off and came down the stairs. When I walked into the living room, the mental fog that I had been experiencing for the last several months lifted. The only way I can describe it was that a light bulb went on in my head, and I could think clearly for the first time in a very long time. I started to cry. I was saved. It was not that easy, however. It took many more baths before I began to feel somewhat normal. Still, there was residual depression, and vitamin B helped tremendously with that. It took me seven years to regain my composure and even then, I wasn’t 100% normal. Then came Scalar. I started getting scalar treatments from Dr. Terry Shintani in Honolulu. EE System is the name of the scalar machines he uses. After about 20 hours of scalar treatments, I began experiencing the mercury symptoms again – depression and neurotic behavior.   I immediately ordered more clay and soaked in the clay and sea salt for several more times. The Scalar treatments had forced the last of the mercury from my brain into my blood, and the baths were pulling it out through my skin. Gratitude. Even now, I use Regulat pro Bio to help the immune system and sustain my energy levels, and help my intestinal health. I wrote a letter to the dentist explaining what had happened to me under his “care." He dismissed it all, saying in his 40 years of dentistry, he had never heard of this. I probably had the flu, he said. Removal of silver/mercury is essential, but please do it with a dentist who uses the safe and proper protocols. Let my story serve you well. TG - Hawaii, USA   Read more about amalgam fillings and their history on the blog here.

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CD - 04/1/2019 23:20:20

The person who wrote about his experience used a product called 'Magnetic Clay'. Regards, Colin

Steffie Blanckaert - 04/1/2019 22:03:43

Hi. What kind of clay did you use for the clay baths? Kind regards Steffie

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