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Announcing the DrTung's Oil Pulling Concentrate!

We're excited to announce today the release of our Oil Pulling Concentrate, the newest addition to our  line of holistic, sustainable oral health products! The DrTung's Oil Pulling Concentrate is a time-tested remedy of 24 plants and herbs used for oil pulling, prepared in an organic sesame oil base. The concentrate is available now, March 1, 2016, through our web-store; you can expect to see it on store shelves come late Spring. Oil pulling – the practice of lightly "chewing on" or swishing oil in the mouth for a period of time – is said to said to strengthen teeth and gums, help with mouth dryness, and enhance the oral microbiome overall. Ancient Ayurvedic texts recommend it as part of the daily dental health routine. This is said to "pull" toxins from the body. While mouthwash functions to rid the mouth of bacteria, it does not discriminate against good or bad bacteria. Oil pulling, on the other hand, draws harmful bacteria and spares the good bacteria which is needed for a balanced oral microbiome. With over 600 microbial species in the human oral cavity, this is important for balance and function. Our concentrate is used in the same manner as other oils you can use for oil pulling. However, we are pleased to point out that it offers the following differences:
  • It can be used for a shorter time – we recommend oil pulling for 5-15 minutes (versus the standard suggested time of 20 minutes). This is due to the effectiveness of the ingredients used in the formula.
  • Organic sesame oil base with 24 herbs and botanicals – This formula is based off of ancient Ayurvedic texts. Whole parts of the plants (and not essential oils) are used to enhance the sesame oil and create specific, balanced, holistic effects. Sesame oil is specifically mentioned for its subtle, penetrating, preventive and balancing effects.
[caption id="attachment_189" align="alignleft" width="256"]Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 10.33.20 AM Ingredients in our Oil Pulling Concentrate. 24 plants in botanicals prepared in organic sesame oil.[/caption] We're proud to share that the herbs used in our Oil Pulling Concentrate have been recognized for centuries to have a broad range of qualities, such as being hemostatic (preventing or stopping bleeding), anti-inflammatory, anti-plaque, and astringent (can help tight gums around loose teeth). For directions on how to oil pull and how it works, please click here. For more information on oils used in oil pulling, click here to read more.

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