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Staying Centered and Well During the Holidays

There are many things we look forward to during the holidays such as visiting family, celebrating, shopping for gifts, preparing and sharing lavish meals and having time off from our job. However, these same joys can bring about extra stress and make us vulnerable to elevated anxiety, sickness and fatigue. So all the things we look forward to can be a double-edged sword if we don’t maintain our physical, mindful and spiritual balance.

It’s Ok to Indulge (a Little)

As a rule, most of us are mindful about eating healthy, which can include an occasional glass of wine (there are some excellent health benefits of wine—particularly the red varieties).  Of course, the holidays are almost synonymous with over-indulgence when it comes to eating and drinking. We’re all going to be tempted with fabulous feasts, festive treats and much to toast our glasses about. Not to worry—the holidays come around once a year, so it’s OK to sway a bit from your normal routine. Just don’t over-serve yourself…and maybe get in an extra workout or yoga session during the holidays.  It’ll help with the additional calorie intake as well as reduce some of the other holiday stressors like….

Shopping, Wrapping, Traveling, Baking, Holiday Cards and More

Yes, these activities can be fun and invigorating….up to a point. The hustle and bustle of the holidays can really do a number on your physical, spiritual and mental health if you’re not centered and mindful of your own well-being. Try and pace yourself—give yourself enough time and space to accomplish the most essential tasks. Just as Santa ‘makes a list and checks it twice,’ we like to make lists and prioritize and rank the order of importance. Try not to sweat the small stuff and, if you don’t get to the lower ranked items, it’s not the end of the world. In reality, it’s likely no one will notice (but you).  

Stay Centered

Take a deep breath, meditate and relax.  The holidays are supposed to be a time to connect with loved ones, celebrate life, share some joy and shine your light. Try not to clutter your mind and forget the ‘reason of the season.’  Instead, live in the moment and make memories to look back on and smile.  No one remembers the ugly tie or silly slippers they received….but they DO remember the good times with friends and family.

Happy Holiday Season!

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