DrTung's Snap-On Toothbrush Protection

Get a fresh toothbrush every time you brush! See how our anti-bacterial discs can protect your toothbrush against odor-causing bacteria that can enter your mouth when you brush.

Oil Pulling

Did U Know? Facts about Oil Pulling

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Perio Sticks

A new paradigm in dental sticks. Nothing cleans like PerioSticks!

DrTung's Toothbrush Protection

How to change the anti-bacterial disc

Smart Floss®

How to change the Smart Floss spool.


  • 5 Steps to Improve Your Gum Health

    5 Steps to Improve Your Gum Health
    How To's
    Healthy gums are super important for oral and general wellbeing as well as a gorgeous, happy smile! Here are 5 easy steps to improve your gum health and help prevent gum disease.
  • Ditch the Pick!

    Ditch the Pick!
    Healthy Earth
    Ditch the single-use plastic floss picks and help the world become less polluted, one Perio Stick™ at a time. Your mouth and the earth will thank you!
  • The Fluoride Story: Part 2

    The Fluoride Story: Part 2
    Healthy You
    What’s in your toothpaste? Have you ever wondered about the fluoride story? What this chemical is, where it comes from, and what health effects it actually has (both beneficial and disastrous)?

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