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DrTung's makes Coconut Oil Pulling Easier, and Faster!

DrTung's Oil pulling bottleOil pulling is the practice of swishing or 'pulling' oil in your mouth for a period of time in order to pull toxins from the body. While it has recently regained popularity through celebrities and social media, it is actually an ancient Ayurvedic daily practice that has been used for thousands of years.
Sesame oil is the traditional carrier oil of choice, yet today coconut oil pulling has become popular, and is currently in the spotlight for health benefits for cooking as well as home health and beauty remedies. It is widely available as more brands adopt their own line, so it has a more common presence in stores.
The typical coconut oil pulling practice can take up to 15-20 minutes of 'pulling' in order for the mouth to experience the benefits of oral microbiome homeostasis. Furthermore, coconut oil typically starts as a solid and must be initially held in the mouth for a period of time before it melts. This can be deterring for some, especially those new to the practice.
However, when incorporating the DrTung's Oil Pulling Concentrate, the enhanced herbal formula allows the individual to mix it with a carrier oil of choice but with a reduced overall 'pulling' time of as little as 5 minutes.
This is because the concentrate, which is an organic sesame oil base, is infused with 24 herbs and botanicals (per Ayurvedic tradition) and is thus highly potent. Whole parts of the plants (and not essential oils) are used to enhance the sesame oil and create specific, balanced, holistic effects. Sesame oil is specifically used for its subtle, penetrating, preventive and balancing effects.
Make your daily coconut oil pulling much more enjoyable by incorporating DrTung's Oil Pulling Concentrate into your mixture to enjoy maximum benefits, such as:
  1. Herbal formula makes it more palatable (some people find raw coconut oil makes them gag or it's a bit uncomfortable to use).
  2. Shortens pulling time.
  3. Provides numerous benefits from 24 botanicals
Have you tried coconut oil pulling with the DrTung's Oil Pulling Concentrate yet? Please share your experiences with us in the comments below!

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