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Summer Feature: DrTung's Health Products for Hiking and Camping

IMG_1147It's summertime, meaning there's plenty of exciting excursions in store. With sunshine and warm temperatures, adventure awaits outside your door. Despite being away from home, it's just as easy to keep up with your daily health habits with help of the right products. Having your favorite health products for hiking and camping will aid in your health upkeep, giving you the energy you need to get the most out of your summer activities! Hiking is an excellent choice to disconnect from the daily grind and explore in the woods. On longer trails, it's especially important to keep plenty of good snacks along for the ride to maintain stamina for the challenge ahead. Choices such as trail mix and granola are great, but nut pieces can often get stuck in between teeth. Keeping your Snap-On Toothbrush Sanitizer packed into your backpack enables a convenient brushing post lunch break on the trails (meanwhile, the essential oil vapors sterilize your toothbrush in between brushings!). The Ionic Toothbrush is ideal for outdoor scenarios away from the convenience of the bathroom sink as it functions just as well without toothpaste in removing plaque. Many health-conscious consumers prefer the Ionic Toothbrush over an electric toothbrush: silent, small and ready-to-use anywhere - it doesn/t need a charger or adaptor. Simply wet the band with your finger or with a splash of water from your water bottle, and let the brush make your teeth let go of plaque, like turning off a magnet! Snap on your sanitizer, and you're ready to continue your adventure. For quick snack pit stops, your Perio Sticks are your best friend. Easy to fit in your pocket, simply grab one from the tin and hold in your mouth for 30 seconds or so (to make more pliable). The flattened, tapered profile fits comfortably between teeth to stimulate gums and remove seeds and food particles like no other dental stick. Wilderness bonus: Perio Sticks are made of eco-certified Nordic Birch, so when you're done, you can simply toss them back into their original wilderness home to naturally biodegrade. Do you use your DrTung's health products for hiking and camping? What other outdoor activities do you like to use them for?

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