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New Year's Day Beach Plastic Pollution Clean-Up

[caption id="attachment_405" align="alignright" width="379"]colin-beach-clean-up Colin Davis of DrTung's picking up trash from a Hawaii beach on New Year's day.[/caption] On New Year's Day 2017, we dedicated some of our time to beautifying the Hawaiian coast even further by picking up trash. Being based in Hawaii, we see the impact of pollution in our everyday environment and we are aware of the effects of plastics on the ocean - the importance of materials and recycling properly are always forefront in our minds. At DrTung's, consciousness of our planet is an integral part of our core values. We strive to deliver high-quality benefits with the smallest possible environmental footprint . We have a permanent commitment to recyclable and biodegradable materials and continually revamp our product designs to reflect this. These values translate into our daily lives as well, which is why we are so very passionate about them. Mindfulness about plastic pollution in our oceans is vital to the future. Even though many recycle, a large amount of plastic waste still ends up in our ocean waters. There are around 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our oceans - this affects sea life drastically, including our turtles, marine mammals, and marine birds. For this reason we proudly donate each year to a number of non-profit organizations that focus on driving awareness of this issue. These organizations include Surfrider, Environmental Defense Fund, and Greenpeace.

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