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4 Oral Health Tips for the Holidays

4-oral-health-tips-holidays A healthy smile should be at the top of your wishlist this holiday season. During this time of year our immune system is more vulnerable to illness, especially during heightened periods of travel. Sugary treats and indulgent occasions also abound. In spite of all this, you can keep up your wellness game with these simple tips:
  • Keep Perio Sticks™ handy for post-snacking. Holiday nut mixes and pretzels are popular in party spreads, but beware: they often get stuck between teeth, which can cause tooth decay (and unwanted stares!).
  • Protect your toothbrush from airborne germs with your trusty Snap-On Toothbrush Sanitizer. Essential oil vapors work to sterilize the toothbrush head between brushings. Throw your toothbrush in your suitcase with no worry!
  • Despite the chaos, stick to your daily morning oral wellness routine to destress. Tongue scraping removes built up toxins from undigested food, and oil pulling helps balance your oral microbiome.
  • Drink lots of water. By drinking water you flush a good amount of sugar and bacteria from your mouth. This helps to keep your teeth healthy and reduces the potential for gingivitis.

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