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Should you use a tongue scraper? Here's what CNN Underscored says

“The tongue is one of TikTok’s latest fixations.  With 4.9 million views on the hashtag #tonguescraping, people are curious about the oral health practice that’s proven to banish bad breath.”1 

The CNN Underscored article consults with four dentists to find out everything you need to know about tongue scraping — what it is, how to do and of course the best scrapers.  

Some excerpts from the story...  

“…a tongue cleanser should absolutely be a part of your oral care routine; brushing the tongue is not enough.”  Dr Brian Harris

“…tongue scraping is an important step in a complete oral hygiene routine.” Dr Marc Lowenberg

That's what we're talking about...

Tongue scraping — it’s the vital first step in a healthy oral care routine.  At DrTung’s we’ve been sharing this message for quite some time and now it looks like the fine art of scraping your tongue is going viral.  

But there’s so much more than banishing bad breath (as if that were not enough ?!?!).  It also helps create an overall healthier mouth environment — meaning less plaque/cavities, less gum disease, better taste (the taste buds can actually experience flavors with all the ‘gunk’ scraped off).  And of course, a healthy mouth leads to a healthy body. 

The takeaway…

Viral tongue scraping — a healthy mouth and body are something we can all feel good about "catching".  Add tongue scraping to your daily routine and your mouth and body will thank you!  




Penny Westergaard - 10/19/2022 13:43:11

I can't live without mine!!!

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