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Take from Mother Earth? Only if we give back too.

We naturally take from Mother Earth — we’ve grown accustomed to a certain way of living. But, what if…we give back responsibly as well?

Our precious Earth provides us, humans and animals, with life — nourishment and sustenance in the deepest sense of these words:  food, air, water, shelter, safety, beauty, awe, each other. Yet, instead of gratitude and respect, we have repaid her with a heavy debt. One that is extracting a devastating toll.

As suppliers, manufacturers and consumers it’s been easy to ignore our role because, up until now, the cost of our waste could be hidden, tucked neatly away from consideration. We’ve been able to don the imperceptible cloak of ignorance should we choose. And we have…en masse.

2018 article published on CNN said, “Without a drastic course correction, we will face deadly heat waves, rampant wildfires, food insecurity, water shortages, violent storms, rising sea levels and disappearing coral reefs.” The past two years have seen this play out.

Fires have rampaged. Floods have rained down. Animal populations have plummeted to levels reserved for mass extinctions. Insect numbers are tumbling. The globe is faltering.

As the Fourth National Climate Assessment report noted, the future impact of climate change depends on the decisions we make today. We being governments and companies, you and I. We each have a crucial role and responsibility to protect and restore the incredible planet that sustains us as individuals and as a collective.

But with a problem so large and complex, how can we each make our difference?

Good news! There are some simple ways we, as consumers, can offset the burden.

The first is acceptance. The vast majority of climate experts believe that climate change is man-made. So it follows that our actions matter!

Here are some of a broad range of empowering and meaningful steps that will help the planet…

1. Eat consciously

Livestock and its transport are responsible for substantial greenhouse emissions. So, try reducing your meat consumption, buying local, and composting. Choose foods that are in season, plan your meals, and opt for less energy intensive options for food prep. (Delicious salads are great!)

2. Carefully consider your choice of transportation

Do you jump in the car without giving it a second thought? Drive to the local shop instead of taking the 10-minute walk? Commute to work in your own gas vehicle rather than an EV or public transport? Each choice adds up.

Regular and electric bikes and scooters are a fun alternative. Walking or cycling are healthier for the world, and for you. A human traveling on a bicycle at 16–24 km/h (10–15 mph), using only the power required to walk, is the most energy-efficient means of human transport generally available. 

There are additional advantages too; your bank balance and your waistline will thank you.

3. Shop sensibly and ethically

Head to your closet and throw open the doors. Rifle through your clothing. Which items do you wear often?  How many pieces gather dust, are little or never worn?  How many represent fast fashion but are made from seemingly cheaper, synthetic fabrics made from nonrenewable fossil fuels that could be toxic to you or the environment? In the future, consider purchasing high quality, low-maintenance, natural fibers that look good and pollute less.  

Now move to your kitchen, your laundry, your bathroom. Pick up each product and note down the brand. It’s time to investigate!

You, as a consumer, have more power than you can imagine. NEVER underestimate this!

There are companies, such as ours, who have built environmental consciousness and responsibility into their DNA. We know that empowering you to easily choose essential products that are high-quality and deeply Eco-friendly can change our collective future. It’s part of our mission.

That’s why at DrTung’s we incorporate environmental thought in every product, at every step.

We use paperboard, wildcrafted or organic ingredients where possible, Eco-certified Nordic birch to minimize plastic, fabric made from sustainable bamboo, and essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances.

Our products are free from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and other harmful, Eco-killing additives and compounds.

And, we prioritize decomposition. Our plastics are made with EcoPure® — while robust during use, once contact is made with the microbes from the Earth, our products are eaten away, providing food not pollution.

The urgent takeaway

We each have a pressing responsibility to better our environmental choices; to lessen our footprint. Treading gently need not mean deprivation. Conscious choices and the support of companies who work tirelessly to create a sustainable future are powerful steps we can each take, individually and together.

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