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Oral care and Eco-aware? Essential, we do declare!

Introducing DrTung’s Oral Care 360 Ecosentials™ — oral care should be eco-aware!

From the simple beginning of introducing the first commercially-available tongue cleaner in the US, DrTung’s has always been at the forefront of natural oral wellness — we integrate modern and traditional knowledge while staying true to core values that are founded in love and care.   

At DrTung’s, we recognize that oral health is essential to overall health1, and that global health is inherently linked to social well-being and environmental sustainability.  We created Oral Care 360 Ecosentials™ as a reminder of the importance of good oral care for you and the planet.  

What does Ecosentials™ mean to us?

Eco + Essentials = Ecosentials™ = Not only essential for your own health, but essential for the health of our planet, which supports life of all sentient beings.

ECO — Defined as the environment, habitat or surroundings . Also something that is environmentally friendly or sustainable; not harmful to the environment2 . To us, ECO highlights the relationship between the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. It is Nature, Earth, greater than the sum of its parts.  As DrTung’s grows, our responsibility for – and awareness of — the global environment expands.  We take that responsibility very seriously.

ESSENTIAL — Food and health are really important to everyone, and oral health is a fundamental part of overall health. Just as rice, milk, vegetables, and coffee are staples or essentials in your home, oral care products are essential for good health.  Floss, tongue cleaners, toothbrushes are necessary commodities – ESSENTIALS – for one’s daily health and beauty routine.  We create our products and choose our ingredients thoughtfully and consciously — keeping both effectiveness and eco-friendliness in mind.  We take oral health very seriously too — we know that you also choose your oral care products thoughtfully too!

Oral Care 360 Ecosentials™ is comprehensive!

Daily Oral Care = Comprehensive Oral Care = Optimal Results 24/7 = Full Circle

Oral Care 360 Ecosentials™ is a comprehensive oral care routine to optimize your overall health, beauty and well-being.  

DrTung's Oral Care 360 Ecosentials™

For optimal results, follow the Oral Care 360 Ecosentials™ routine in order.

  1. Tongue Cleaner to remove bacteria from the tongue
  2. Smart Floss® or Activated Charcoal Floss to reduce plaque buildup between teeth
  3. Ionic Toothbrush to further remove plaque by reversing the polarity of tooth surfaces
  4. Toothbrush Protectors to help keep your brush hygienic between brushings
  5. Oil Pulling Concentrate to strengthen your gums and teeth
  6. Perio Sticks™ for on-the-go interdental cleaning

The takeaway…

Oral Care 360 Ecosentials™ is our name for the expanded journey we are taking — integrating essential oral care and essential overall health with our responsibility to care for our precious Mother Earth.  We’ve always been committed to delivering more effective oral care products with a small environmental footprint, and are excited to take these efforts to an even higher level.  

We invite you to join us on this amazing journey.  You can follow us on FB or IG to see some new eco-friendly packaging coming soon — we share ideas and innovations on sustainability and well-being, partner with organizations that are doing great things, and as always, open the door for you, our tribe, to share your thoughts and ideas with us as well.  Together we can create a healthier ‘eco-system’!!!!

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Vicki - 05/19/2021 14:53:04

Thank you for your kind words and for being a part of our "healthier eco-system"...that's inspiring to us!!!

Penny - 05/19/2021 10:11:32

What an awesome, inspiring blog - Thank you!!!

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