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Closing in on the Perfect Floss

Is there such a thing as the perfect floss? Is it in your bathroom, or hiding far from nasty plaque between your teeth?  We know floss disrupts plaque and we should floss twice daily. It can save your teeth and many people are committed to this important practice.  But in the world of flosses, with hundreds of options, how do you choose the best one for you, one that’s very effective, is eco-friendly and has safe and natural ingredients?

DrTung’s Activated Charcoal Floss just may be the ‘magic thread’ you’ve been looking for! 

Choose a floss that’s free of PTFE & PFAS

Let’s start with the safety factor:  DrTung’s Activated Charcoal Floss is PTFE/PFAS free.  

It may be a little hard to fathom that one needs to look at what floss is made of and its ingredients.  But even EPA is concerned about a major floss material.   Did you know that many popular floss brands — big names like Glide and others — may be exposing you to these potentially toxic chemicals [PTFE/PFAS] and severely impacting your health?

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene, aka Teflon®) is one of the Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), which are said to have toxic effects when ingested.  Chemicals are easily absorbed through the oral mucosa (lining inside the mouth) so using a PTFE floss on a twice-daily basis is a highly questionable practice.  

Choose a floss that…you know…actually works!

As you’re taking the time to do this vital step in your essential oral routine, you definitely want to use one of the most effective flosses.  This begs the question “what’s the best material for the floss itself?”

Flosses that ‘glide’ between teeth are often made of PTFE/Teflon® specifically because this material slides through so easily.  But think about this.  If it’s sliding that easily, how much plaque is it picking up or disrupting?  We’re familiar with how a Teflon® pan works — nothing sticks to it — that’s also why our research shows it is the least effective floss material for grabbing plaque from between teeth.  Definitely not the perfect floss!

DrTung’s Activated Charcoal Floss is made with a patented technology using multi-filament polyester fibers constructed so that the floss expands during use. This creates a larger surface area, enabling the floss to disrupt and hold plaque so much better – it removes up to 55% more plaque than regular floss.  Now that’s why you floss!

What about the rest of the ingredients?

Activated Charcoal 

You may have wondered why the words ‘activated charcoal’ are being used so much in personal care products.  

One advantage of activated charcoal is that is has a huge surface area and can adsorb a large number of molecules and atoms it comes in contact with – plaque and debris in this instance.  So the expanded surface of the multi-filament fibers just got even more effective.  Game changer!

[Adsorb vs absorb; a tiny science-y tidbit:  Adsorb is when one material sticks to the surface of another.  Absorb is when two materials chemically combine.  When the activated charcoal grabs onto plaque it’s adsorbing.]

Maybe you’re a vegan?

You’re in luck.  There’s no beeswax in the Activated Charcoal Floss — it’s made with a light, natural plant wax coating.  

Flavor burst!

If all this talk about the benefits of Activated Charcoal Floss hasn’t made you a believer yet, we have more.  An incredible BURST of lemongrass flavor.  There’s really no other way to describe this flavor.  It’s a burst!!!  It makes flossing an experience…something to look forward to. 

Did we mention the award-winning packaging?

You may now be convinced about the safety, efficacy, and natural ingredients of our floss but there’s one more thing you might want to know.  Activated Charcoal Floss comes in international award-winning, paperboard FSC packaging. With millions of plastic floss dispensers being discarded annually this is a welcome eco-friendly choice. When you’re done with the floss spool, just pop that paperboard into the recycle bin without another thought.  No plastic guilt here!

The takeaway

Choose a floss that is effective, is made with ingredients that meet your healthy lifestyle, and that resonates with the things that are important to you — vegan, eco-friendly, safe, non-toxic, more effective.  

With the perfect floss you might just find yourself looking forward to what otherwise may seem a mundane part of your oral routine.  May the floss be with you!!

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