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Yes, Men Have Teeth Too!

Yes, of course we know men have teeth too. But did you know they also often have worse oral health?

June is Men’s Health Month and the perfect time to thank Dad for all the big and little things he does. The love and support, the security and fun, the care and, of course, the embarrassing Dad jokes.

While we lavish affection on our heroes, it’s important to consider two startling facts

  • Men have poorer dental hygiene practices and inferior oral health.
  • Men experience increased rates of dental trauma, mouth cancer, and periodontal disease.

What role does gender play in the health of the teeth?

And…just as important, how can you help the men in your life prevent these painful, harmful problems?

Research published very recently, found that men are:

  • Less engaged in preventive care
  • More likely to avoid care even when a serious illness is suspected
  • Less proactive in the protection of their oral health
  • Less likely to visit a dentist
  • Focused on crisis rather than preventative care
  • Less likely to follow expert advice
  • Less likely to brush and floss
  • More likely to “ignore their oral health and have poorer oral hygiene habits”

That’s incredibly worrisome — especially when we consider the consequences that poor dental health has on quality of life and diseases outside the mouth, too. (Diabetes and heart complications to name a couple).

But, there is a simple way to help help turn this around. Encourage an oral care routine — where healthy actions become regular habits.

What can men do better to prevent oral disease?

This starts with the right tools for the job — men are typically “all about tools,” right? So, just like having the right socket set for tightening loose bolts or special utensils for grilling on the bbq, having the right oral care tools makes it easy to maintain great oral care. Here are our top four tips (or tools) for a comprehensive oral care routine:

Tongue scraper

The tongue provides the perfect expanse for bacteria to flourish. But you can remove this “bio-burden” within seconds. Just use a tongue scraper — a simple tool that’s designed specifically for the task at hand.

DrTung’s Copper Tongue Cleaner incorporates a u-shape form and antibacterial copper to gently scrape away unwanted bacteria and soft plaque. This is great for oral health and a fresh breath.


Flossing allows us to get at hard-to-reach places and reduce plaque and gingivitis. It ought to be a twice-daily mainstay of any oral care routine.

If you're flossing (of course you are, right?), shouldn't you be using the most effective tool? DrTung’s incredible Smart Floss has been clinically proven to remove up to 55% more plaque than regular flosses. Great for a man’s teeth! No wonder it’s the #1 selling floss in the natural health industry!


Men are less likely to brush their teeth twice a day. But the right toothbrush makes this habit easier and more effective.

Our unique Ionic Toothbrush temporarily reverses the ionic bond between plaque and teeth. As he brushes, plaque is repelled by the teeth — like turning off a magnet. Research shows the Ionic Toothbrush removes up to 48% more plaque than manual or power brushes! An Ionic Toothbrush is the most effective choice, by far.

Oil pull

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that has gained wider acceptance in recent years. And so it should! The fatty layer of bacterial cell membranes are attracted to the oil, causing them to stick to it. When the oil is spat out so too are the bacteria. The oil also coats the teeth and gums and inhibits bacteria from clinging and clumping, reducing plaque formation.

Our Oil Pulling Concentrate is crafted with 24 herbs and botanicals in an organic sesame oil base to maximize its benefits.

The takeaway

Yes, men have teeth too and they deserve to be well, with happy, vibrant and healthy smiles. “Reconnecting the mouth to the rest of the body” by following an easy, effective dental hygiene routine enhances this probability. As a wonderful bonus, modeling and sharing these habits with the younger ones in their extended family will lead to a happier, healthier next generation.

On that note, Happy Men’s Health Month to all the Dads and Men across the country and the globe!

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