Woman putting perio stick to mouth
Perio Sticks™ Thin w sticks
Woman putting perio stick to mouth
Perio Sticks™ Thin w sticks

Perio Sticks™ (birch dental sticks)

A kinder, gentler dental stick–for your gums and the earth. DrTung’s Perio Sticks are your new post-meal companion. The double-sided, eco-certified Nordic birch sticks feature a flat, tapered profile designed for efficacy and comfort while cleaning between your teeth. Unlike cocktail toothpicks, you’ll find both THIN and X-THIN styles that stimulate gums, clean even the tightest interdental spaces and easily loosen post-meal food particles. 100% plastic-free.

Quantity in each pack

  • Moisten Perio Sticks™ in your mouth for about 30 seconds to soften the wood.
  • Use the flat, narrow side against gums.
  • Gently move back and forth between teeth to loosen debris.
Double-sided birch wood sticks
THIN: 100 sticks per tin
X-THIN: 100 sticks per tin
    What are Perio Sticks made from?

    Perio Sticks are made from selected parts of the Nordic birch tree. Only a small amount of the wood from each tree has the qualities suitable for our shaped, flattened Perio Sticks - the wood must be both strong and flexible. The wood is harvested from sustainably managed forests in Scandinavia, and is not treated with dyes or flavoring.

    How THIN are Perio Sticks?

    Even our THIN Perio Sticks are far thinner than regular toothpicks or any dental stick available at a drugstore. The shape and thinness allows them to easily penetrate between the teeth and remove plaque and food particles. Plus, they are so comfortable you may find yourself recommending the clean feeling to your friends! Our X-THIN Perio Sticks are the thinnest sticks available anywhere and are especially useful for those with extra-tight spaces between teeth.

    They seem to break easily. Am I doing something wrong?

    The best technique  is to moisten the Perio Sticks in the mouth for about 30 seconds before using. They then become pliable and can bend up to 60 degrees!. Not only does this help prevent them from breaking, but it enables you to clean those hard-to-reach areas at the back of your mouth.

Eco-certified birch sustainably harvested from forests of Scandinavia

Why Perio Sticks stick it to your toothpick

Two different sizes

Two size offerings to accommodate even tight interdental spaces

Free of dyes

Designed for efficacy and comfort. No added dyes or flavor


Eco-certified birch sustainably harvested from forests of Scandinavia

Biodegradable; FSC-certified plastic-free packaging

Tapered profile

Pliable, tapered profile.

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