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Both DrTung’s and our customers want to be part of an ecological solution, not the problem.
Which is why we switched from plastic to our award-winning paperboard design.
(It won both the IF Design Award AND the Good Green Design Award.)

Yes, using the paperboard dispenser feels different from the original round plastic container, and many of our long-term users may feel uncomfortable about the change - we hear and understand you. Such changes are not easy for you or us.  But rather than accept the status quo, more and more customers and retailers are motivating us to continue decreasing our environmental footprint.

Inside every paperboard ‘pillow pack’ is the Smart Floss you love, clinically proven to remove more plaque than regular flosses.  Simply remove the outer hang-tag portion, flip open the lid of the pillow, and you are ready to floss like a champion! See Dr. Amanda’s video below.

Not only is our clinically proven Smart Floss now packaged in FSC-certified paperboard, but so are our Perio Sticks and Activated Charcoal Floss (which by the way, was our first release of the paperboard floss packaging a number of years ago.)

In addition we support organizations dedicated to removing plastic from our oceans, including The Ocean Clean-Up and Surfrider Foundation.


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