Tongue Cleaner Pouch
tongue cleaner pouch
Tongue Cleaner Pouch
tongue cleaner pouch

Tongue Cleaner Pouch

The perfect companion for your Tongue Cleaner, our artisanal pouch was created by textile designer Kate exclusively for Dr. Tung’s. Made of antibacterial bamboo fabric and with a drawstring closure, our pouch provides a mess-free, secure spot for on-the-go tongue cleaning.

  • Slide your tongue cleaner into the pouch.
  • Pull drawstring to close the bag.
  • Store at home or on the go.
3.25 x 6.25 inches

Why the Tongue Cleaner Pouch is so much better than a plastic baggie:

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Enhances the longevity of your DrTung’s Tongue Cleaner

Bamboo fabric

Naturally antibacterial bamboo fabric

Modern pouch

Modern, nature-inspired design; easy drawstring closure

Tongue clean

Keeps Tongue Cleaner clean, especially during travel

Tongue cleaner and pouch

More ways to brighten your smile:

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