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Everything you ever wanted to know (and more) about Smart Floss®

Smart Floss® has set the dental world abuzz, with everyone from dental pros to social media influencers and regular folks singing its praises. And trust us, the hype is well-deserved! It's not just any floss; it's the reigning champ as the top-selling floss in the natural industry, and it's held onto that title for quite a while now.

In a world increasingly obsessed with the link between a healthy oral microbiome and overall well-being, people are turning to Smart Floss to level up their oral care game. One key to a winning routine? Flossing every single day. But here's the catch: not all floss is created equal. The market is flooded with options, but many are not only ineffective but also potentially harmful, loaded with those nasty "forever chemicals."

Whether you're a Smart Floss newbie or already part of the tribe, we've got the answers to your burning questions. Let's dive into the world of Smart Floss and unveil the secrets to a healthier smile!

Q: What's the secret behind Smart Floss's plaque-busting power? 

A: Smart Floss boasts an ingenious design featuring multifilament fibers that work their magic by expanding during use, creating an even larger surface area to wage war against plaque. Studies back it up, revealing that Smart Floss wipes out a whopping 55% more plaque compared to other floss options. So why settle for anything less effective when those few flossing minutes can be turbocharged with Smart Floss? #FlossLikeABoss

Q: What’s it made of?

A: Imagine a dental floss that's not your ordinary strand of polyester but one with a unique twist.  Introducing Smart Floss dental floss – a floss like no other! 

It's crafted from high-quality polyester fibers and is anything but ordinary. Our secret sauce? A proprietary manufacturing process that weaves together multiple strands, creating a flossing experience that's not just effective, but also incredibly soft and satisfying. 

You might be wondering, "Why not go the all-natural route and use silk or cotton for flossing?" Well, that's a great question! Silk, though luxurious, undergoes intensive processing, and there’s the ethical dilemma of the treatment of silkworms. Plus, it can't be transformed into floss the same way as Smart Floss®, which means it's less effective against plaque.

As for cotton, it had its time in the dental floss spotlight but has since retired. Why? Cotton tends to fray easily, making flossing feel like an uphill battle. It's also harsher on your gums and doesn't measure up to the plaque-fighting prowess of Smart Floss®.

Q: Does it have PFAS?

A:  We recently wrapped up a series of rigorous tests, conducted by EPA-certified labs, and the results are in: DrTung's floss is officially PFAS-free

We left no stone unturned in our quest for purity. Our floss underwent meticulous scrutiny for organofluorine, and guess what? Not a trace was detected! 

But that's not all! We went the extra mile and subjected our floss to a comprehensive "screening of fluorinated substances" test, certified by the EPA, checking for more than 40 perfluorinated compounds. Yep, you guessed it…another clean sweep! Our floss is absolutely, unequivocally, and undeniably free of PFAS! 

So, when you reach for DrTung's floss, you can rest easy knowing that you're making a choice that's not only good for your oral health but also for the environment. It's a win-win, folks! #PFASFreeFloss

Q: Does it contain known allergens? 

A: Absolutely not. Smart Floss is meticulously crafted to be allergen-free. You won't find genetically modified ingredients, phthalates, BPA, petrochemical wax, artificial flavors, soy, silica, dairy, gluten, glyceride, fluoride, latex, or mint in it. Your dental health is in safe hands with Smart Floss.

Here’s what it does have:  Smart Floss is infused with the delightful essence of natural cardamom essential oil, creating a refreshing and aromatic experience every time you floss.

But there's more. This innovative floss goes beyond the ordinary. It boasts a special coating made from a unique blend of vegetable and beeswax, ensuring a smooth glide between your teeth. Plus, it includes a blend of premium ingredients like beeswax, candelila, carnauba, castor oil, and rice bran wax, making it a top-notch choice for your dental care routine.

The Takeaway

So, there you have it – the inside story on Smart Floss. It's not your average dental floss; it's a gentle, effective plaque buster! 

Ready to upgrade your dental game? Don't wait another moment for that dazzling smile. Shop for Smart Floss now! Your teeth will thank you, and you'll be grinning from ear to ear. Let's get flossy! #SmartFlossRevolution #ShopNow



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