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Organization Spotlight: The Trevor Project

Love, Care and Consciousness are built into our DNA at DrTung’s.  It’s a concept we weave into every part of our business model — from our products, to our consumers, to our team, to our planet and to all sentient beings.  There are many, many organizations working diligently to make this planet a better place. Some of these organizations have touched our hearts in very deep ways.  To share the amazing work from a few of our favorite groups, we’re spotlighting one incredible organization each month throughout the year.

The 6th organization in our series is…

The Trevor Project

Creating a more inclusive world

As we near the end of Pride Month 2022, we are honored to highlight this special organization in memory of Michael B — our dearest Co-worker, Partner and incredible Friend — who lost his battle with cancer last year.  Michael had a special place in his heart for the work of the amazing people at The Trevor Project — he not only donated on a regular basis, he shared about their work whenever he could and hosted a Facebook fund-raiser for the Trevor Project every year on his birthday.  DrTung’s is proud to carry on this tradition as we make yearly donations in his memory. 

What is The Trevor Project?

The Trevor Project is an organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to young people under the age of 25, who are part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, & questioning (LGBTQ+) community.  For over 20 years, they have worked to save young lives by providing support through free and confidential crisis services programs, including TrevorLifeline, TrevorChat, and TrevorText. They also run TrevorSpace, the world’s largest safe space social networking site for LGBTQ youth, and operate innovative advocacy, research, and education programs across the country.

Crisis Service:  The Trevor Project offers free, confidential, and secure 24/7 service for LGBTQ young people who reach out when they are struggling with issues such as coming out, LGBTQ identity, depression, and suicide.   Crisis counselors are given extensive training in preparation for a variety of situations that may come up and are available to answer calls, chats, or texts.  

Research:  Data makes a difference — research can save lives and reveal problems that need solving.  The recently released Trevor Project’s 2022 National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health is their fourth annual national survey and one of the most diverse surveys ever conducted — capturing the experiences of nearly 34,000 LGBTQ youth.  Their hope is these data and trends will be used by fellow researchers, policymakers, and youth-serving organizations to advance policies and practices that better support LGBTQ youth around the globe and work to end the public health crisis of suicide. 

Public Education: Competent suicide prevention starts with how we educate ourselves and each other. The Trevor Project offers tools and resources that give everyone the ability to help.  Through innovative online training workshops (Ally Training / CARE Training) and strategic partnerships The Trevor Project has been able to reach more people than ever before.

Advocacy:  Through federal, state, and local action, The Trevor Project advocates for the rights and futures of LGBTQ young people through legislation, litigation, and coalition-building.1 

TrevorSpace:  Connecting over 400,000 young people across 100+ countries and 6 continents, TrevorSpace helps young people explore their identities, get advice, find support, and make friends in a moderated community intentionally designed for them.  Sadly only 1 in 3 LGBTQ youth find their own home to be LGBTQ-affirming.  This moderated, safe space gives young people the opportunity to connect with like-minded people.  

The Takeaway

The Trevor Project’s 2022 National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health demonstrates that rates of suicidal thoughts have trended upward among LGBTQ young people over the last three years, making the life-saving work of The Trevor Project all the more important.2 

You can read more about them on their site or follow them on social media.  If their work resonates with you, we encourage you to share their story with your friends and family.  You can also get involved by donating or volunteering.  

As always, do what resonates with you.  One thing we can all do is to take a few moments each day to take care of ourselves and cultivate positive energy.  When you feel positive, you share that feeling with those around you — it’s contagious (in a good way).  Each of us adding positivity to ourselves and spreading it to those around us adds to the collective Love, Care and Consciousness of humankind.  Together we can make a difference to each other, to our environment and to all sentient beings. 



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