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Too Many Spooky Halloween Treats? Detox with DrTungs!

Even the healthiest of us can succumb to the ghoulishly seductive Halloween treats that seem to haunt us each October!  Whether it’s monstrous goodies at the office, your kids’ trick-or-treat spoils or scary neighborhood parties, if you over-indulged a bit, no need to feel like the walking dead. Just give yourself a little Halloween Detox and you’ll be back to human in no time!

Here are some simple detox tips from DrTungs!

  • Drink more H2O!  Water helps keep your body functioning properly since it’s important for nutrient absorption and digestion.
  • Eat raw nuts, vegetables and for non-vegetarians, fish. You’ll need high fiber to clean out your gut and slow digesting foods like protein and healthy fats to keep you satisfied and to keep your blood sugar from going high again.1 
  • Try some Regulat®!  Regulat, with cascade-fermented nutrients, enzymatic and probiotic constituents, helps balance and cleanse the system of impurities/toxins and alkalize the body naturally.  Click here to read more.:
  • Have a bowl of soup! Not the kind witches brew (with bat wings and eye of newt)….but a simple vegetable soup should do the trick. Soup is a great way to get vegetables and mineral-rich broth transported into your system quickly. It’s also easier on the digestive tract than raw veggies, which is good after a night indulging on candy.
  • Sweat.  Finally, get moving—be it a walk or a spin class—because the more you sweat the better you feel. A good sweat will help your body rid itself of toxins and we know that exercise releases natural “feel-good” hormones that give you an added boost after feeling so blah from the weekend’s festivities.2 

These are just a few of DrTung’s detox tips for a frightful Halloween trick or treat  extravaganza. And of course, don’t forget about your teeth! After all those sugary concoctions and wearing those vampire fangs all night, your oral health needs some detox too!

Make sure you take some DrTungs SmartFloss® or Perio Sticks with you as you travel through the chamber of gooey, chewy horrors!  And when you sink your fangs into any devilishly, sugary treats, you’ll be able to dislodge a Pop Rock or a peanut with the greatest of ease!

And, before you hit the sheets, brush away all of the wicked residue with DrTung’s Ionic Toothbrush System.  Follow up with our Oil Pulling Concentrate, an Ancient Ayurvedic formula, made with 24 herbs and botanicals in an organic sesame oil base.  You might even keep away the vampires (beats wearing a garland of garlic around your neck!)


Happy, Healthy Halloween!

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